The Halfway Point

The Halfway Point
The Half Way Point


The half way point in my pregnancy has zoomed past quicker than I expected it would; now there is just over 17 weeks to go until our little peanut is here.

I've been seeing a greater number of twilight hours due to many shuffled, bleary-eyed trips to the bathroom and from the little one taking up gymnastics in my womb. I'm guessing all the mums out there know I'll be part of the wide awake club for a long time to come yet and this is merely the beginning! Apart from that I've been extremely lucky with symptoms (touch wood) so far and I'm very much hoping it continues that way.

Small changes are coming on thick and fast, from my “popped” belly to the pig-like grunting that occurs when trying to tie my shoelaces/ get out of the car/ zip up my jeans. I'm thinking at full term I may be a similar size to a Japanese Manga comic monster with a matching mood to suit so take this as a polite warning for the future!

Baby Purchases!

Our 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago went well and everything is looking healthy. We also found out the sex of the little one but we've decided that for now we are just going to tell family if they really want to know (cue a probable gender slip up by me in the not so distant future).

Thoughts are turning to the big L-day and I’d love to know peoples thoughts on Hypnobirthing techniques? I've read quite a lot about it and would love to know your experiences with it leading up to and during your labour. I have secretly tried a pregnancy meditation app which instead of helping me reach a place of calm control it actually just put me straight to sleep!

Summer Bloom Invite & Bump!

I'm also celebrating my 30th birthday at the beginning of November and as a cocktail substitution this year I’ll be scoffing diner milkshakes and double cheeseburgers until I pop. Not quite a refreshing, icy, delicious, minty mojito but it’s certainly a close second right now.

Studio-wise I am gearing up for my maternity leave instead of Christmas which I’m sure a ton of small business owners would gasp at. Now would be the time that I should be launching new Christmas designs into market but I feel my priority at the moment is to design lots of exciting new lines to establish in 2016 during my time off from my other part time employment. My current plan is to work in the Studio all the way through (maybe minus a week or two for the birth and a nappy changing crash course).

Wedding stationery will still be flying out the door with a little help from my nearest and dearest so I'm certain there will be complete continuity with processing your lovely orders.

You can follow more stationery love and pregnancy photos over on my instagram!


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