New Adventures

New Adventures

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I've felt a little guilty for being so "absent" for the past few months. While I've been doing my best to keep up with orders and enquiries, new products and social media interaction have been at a bit of a low. This has all been due to a very special reason.... My husband and I are expecting a little one! YAY!

We're both over the moon with the news, but it obviously can be an overwhelming and anxious time too. After months of consistent nausea and tiredness (feeling much like a three month hangover!) I'm much better and ready to prepare my business not only for new ventures and future clients, but also for our own personal little adventure on it's way early next year.

I hope to write more about pregnancy from the perspective of a small business owner, as well as the trials that will come with having a newborn while self-employed. My business is young and this little one is our first, so I'm expecting quite an eventful ride over the next 12 months, wish me luck! 


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Congratulations!!!! This is super exciting. So glad you are feeling a little better. I hope the pregnancy goes beautifully for you. Xx

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